Construction Supervision

residential_construction_256How can we help you?
When you purchase a site for domestic or commercial purposes, we can assist you by providing services to supervise the construction, alteration or renovation of the project.

We help you achieve your required result with a lot less stress, as any project, residential or commercial will involve considerable interaction and engagement with parties involved along each and every step of the process.

All matters arising from the construction, renovation, alteration or extension of an existing  of any project will demand and require a certain level of expertise and experience which you may well not posses.

Based on 40 years experience, we can be of great assistance to you in:

  • proceeding through the various steps involved in deciding on what outcomes can be achieved
  • the preparation of specifications
  • making sure that a competitive quotation is sought in relation to the works
  • ensuring works are subsequently carried out to the highest achievable standard

Our Construction Supervision services can be tailored to suit your particular needs and project requirements and the scope of involvement varies from project to project but would include assistance in deciding on the extent and nature of the works, either new build or alterations, extension and renovation, preparation of a specification, which basically sets out in detail each of the works which you require, followed by assisting you in seeking competitive quotations from competent, experienced building contractors.

We can then assist you in preparing contract documents and inspect and supervise the works including the construction, renovations, alterations and extensions of any new building.

To date we have been involved in supervising quality projects including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Educational buildings
  • Health facilities
  • Sports facilities

Our professional supervision services will deal with the following:

  • Building regulations
  • Construction regulations
  • Drawings and specifications
  • Tender process
  • Certification of payments

We place great emphasis on engaging directly with you in each of these steps to achieve your required result, when considering any of the following

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