Expert Witness

You may wonder what is the role of an “Expert Witness”?
An Expert Witness is a professional who assists you when dealing with any matters which will need to go to court to protect you in any conflict situation.expertise1

We have much experience in acting in the role of an Expert Witness, assisting clients in an extensive number and range of disputes, court cases, arbitrations and mediations.

How can we help you?

You will need the assistance of an Expert Witness if involved in any of the following:

  • Building disputes arising from poor workmanship, additional costs and performance which you are disappointed with
  • Boundary disputes relating to the actions of your neighbours and adjoining land owners
  • Unsatisfactory and inappropriate service supplied to you by others
  • Road Traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Slips, trips or falls

As an expert witness, we can provide you with practical and sound advice which will assist you in attending at Court, Arbitration, Mediation or Oral Hearings.

We have developed our expertise based on many years engagement in these dispute resolution systems and by virtue of appropriate education, training, skills and experience in thousands of such disputes over many years.

We represent individual householders, company and institutional clients in disputes where the expertise of a Chartered Engineer will be of great benefit.

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