Mapping Service

Once you have considered the purchase of your home, it is important that the ownership and title to the property that you intend to purchase is correct. Your Solicitor will advise you in relation to all legal matters which will include the checking of maps and boundaries which will include ‘Mapping Services’.

How can we help you? These are some of the most typical questions addressed with Mapping Services:

  • Are the boundaries in good condition?
  • Can the vendor actually sell me the land included in the boundaries on the ground?
  • Are the maps correct?
  • Are there any rights of way or way leaves required?
  • If so are these represented on the maps provided?

task-report-hot Mapping service involves taking detailed dimensions and recording the dimensions of the boundaries of the property and providing advice in relation to the condition and nature of these.

A detailed examination will then be carried out of the title maps which might take different formats, depending on the age and location of the home that you have decided on.

A detailed exercise will then be carried out to compare the dimensions of the boundaries set out on the ground and the manner that those boundaries are represented on the map provided by the vendors Solicitor.

Q: When is the right time to do this ?
A: Once the Pre Purchase Inspection has been carried out and once you have read and considered the report and discussed the report and any matters arising, including any questions which you have, and once you have proceeded to purchase the house, the mapping services should then be relied on.

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